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How the Money-Back Guarantee Works

To qualify you must be a California resident or the creditor/collection agency must be based in California because we are suing under California law.

Our Process

1. You provide us the credit report(s) showing the negative mark(s) and we review the documentation for free, to determine whether we can accept your case. To get your free credit report CLICK HERE

2. If we accept your case, the next step is you sign a Legal Services Agreement and you pay a retainer of $3,500 that goes toward legal fees and court costs. There are no additional out of pocket expenses for you, no matter how much work we have to do or how long the case takes.

3. We file the lawsuit to remove the negative mark(s) and continue to prosecute it as long as necessary to remove the negative mark(s).

How the Money-Back Guarantee Works

1. If you have more than one negative mark, we can try to remove all of them in a single lawsuit for the same fee; but the Money-Back Guarantee only applies if we are unable to obtain removal of at least one of the negative marks.

2. The lawsuit is “successful” if we obtain a court order or settlement agreement to remove at least one negative mark.

3. The case is “unsuccessful” if the lawsuit is dismissed without obtaining that court order or settlement agreement.

4. As long as you cooperate with the prosecution of the lawsuit, maintain contact with your lawyers, and do not request a premature dismissal, the Money-Back Guarantee applies.

5. If the case is unsuccessful, we will refund your entire payment less actual court costs already spent.

NOTE: A “negative mark” is an entry on a credit report which Lakeshore has determined violates California’s Credit Reporting Law and can be the subject of a lawsuit.

The Money-Back Guarantee does not apply or is waived in any of the following circumstances:

1. You order your attorney to dismiss the lawsuit before a settlement is reached or abandon the lawsuit by failing to maintain communications with your attorney or refusing to participate.

2. You hire a new attorney and substitute him or her into the case.

3. You are offered a settlement that would remove the negative mark and which requires no further payment by you, but you refuse the settlement offer.

4. The Money-Back Guarantee does not apply to recovering the legal fees you have paid us or to recovering money damages but we will of course try to recover those as well as part of a settlement or at trial.

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