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With the help of our credit score attorneys, Jeffrey Wilens and Macy Wilens, Lakeshore Law Center files lawsuits to remove inaccurate credit report entries.

Credit Repair Litigation

As a credit law firm, Lakeshore Law Center provides full legal representation under California's Credit Reporting Law.

Legal Representation

Lakeshore Law Center is an excellent credit law resource. Read here and call us to learn about the benefits of working with us.

Benefits of hiring Lakeshore

Credit Repair Attorneys in California

Are you struggling to remove inaccurate, unfair, or unverified items from your credit report? Do you live in California, or are the collection agencies and creditors listing those items based in California? If your answer to both questions “yes,” then Lakeshore Law Center is the law firm for you. Our credit lawyers, Jeffrey Wilens, Esq. and Macy Wilens, Esq., and his team can help you remove these items.

Lakeshore Law Center is not a credit repair organization. We are not a mill that wastes time with calls and letters. We are a real law firm with more than 35 years’ experience in litigation, especially with lawsuits involving California’s Credit Reporting Law. 

Our principal lawyer, Jeffrey, is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley’s Boalt Law School and has practiced in numerous state and federal courts throughout his career. As such, Lakeshore can go to court and sue on your behalf to remove these questionable negative marks from your credit report. Unlike the non-lawyers at a credit repair mill that grind through cases without providing results,

we persistently fight to give you favorable results – or you get your money back

Jeffrey N. Wilens, Esq.

  • + Consumer and Employee Rights Class Actions
  • + Consumer Credit Reports and Employment Background Reports
  • + Consumer Fraud and False Advertising
  • + Consumer Protection
  • + Civil Appeals

Get your money back if the result is unsuccessful

Get more information now

Credit repair service with money-back guarantee

Negative marks can take 7 years to be naturally removed from your credit report. That means that, without the assistance of Lakeshore Law Center, you might be stuck with inaccurate negative marks dragging down your credit score for most of a decade. By hiring our credit score lawyers, you can have an accurate credit report much earlier than that, and you can expect excellent customer service throughout your case. With numerous happy clients and excellent reviews, the quality of our work speaks for itself.

Contact Lakeshore for your Credit Repair

If you are struggling to remove incorrect negative marks from your credit report, don’t wait to contact Lakeshore Law Center. With our commitment to getting favorable results, our money-back credit repair services put you on the road to fixing your credit. Call or email us today to schedule a consultation.

Disclaimer: Lakeshore Law Center is not a credit repair organization, nor do we claim to be. We are a law firm that files lawsuits under California’s Credit Reporting Law, and our services are intended to be an alternative option to a credit repair organization. Please contact us for more information. We do not guarantee a particular result. We guarantee to refund your money if a specified result is not achieved, but please read the legal services agreement carefully for exceptions to the Money-Back Guarantee. 


"From the first moment we connected, Jeff has been nothing but professional, concise and effective in getting the facts and driving them into results. He has a way to filter through the chaos and get things done."

- GEORGE STROUMBOULIS, CEO + Co-Founder, Ideoli Group


"I highly recommend Jeffrey Wilens. He is very professional, prompt, and hardworking. He recently won a settlement on my behalf and did an amazing job. Not only did he keep me informed about the case, but he also made sure to any questions and concerns I had along the way. Mr. Wilens is determined and hardworking."

- ERIKA MORRISON, Personal Banker at Wells Fargo


"Jeff represented me and over 200 others in a case. He not only won the case, but also demonstrated further care by enduring two address changes with me during the proceedings. When there were still issues mailing the settlement, Jeff graciously and reliably arranged to send it to me electronically. I appreciate his hard work and dedication to his clients"

- CRAIG NILSON, Operations Research Analyst


"Jeffrey is a miracle worker, fighting a case for years and seeing it through to its end: a victory and a generous settlement as a result. I'm amazed at his legal genius and expertise to fight a greedy company that I had dealings with in 2011! I never thought I'd see a penny and one day, I get a surprise: we won! I highly recommend his services and can say you'll be in good hands! Thank you for all your hard work and persistence to see this case through! I appreciate you and what you've helped me with!"

- MARIA MEDVEDEV, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


"Mr. Wilens was persistent in getting in touch with me to ensure that I received the compensation I was awarded in a particular case. I appreciated his professional courtesy and passion for making sure that all of his clients receive what they have been awarded."

- DANIEL CHANIN, 5th Grade Teacher at Carey School


"Jeff is a top-notch attorney with significant years of experience, and has been an amazing legal counselor for me over the past decade. He comes from an excellent educational background, and has both broad and deep knowledge of several areas of law. As both an anti-corporate fraud & criminal defense attorney, Jeff definitely looks out for the little guy and protects the consumer. I could not recommend Jeff more highly, as he is absolutely the best lawyer I have ever worked with. His advice is extremely sound, his research is very thorough, and he has excellent communication skills."

- DANN DAGGETT, MTS (Senior Developer) at Nordson Corporation


"Thank you Jeffrey, you have been great. I would recommend you to anyone that can utilize your services. Communication was great and very quick response time . You have done a great job updating me and fighting for my case. I thank you for all your hard work. And it paid off."

- OLGA SHMAKOVA, Registered Dental Assistant at Mid-Penninsula Periodontics


"I recently had the opportunity to engage Jeffrey in a State Court lawsuit against a Collection Company who erroneously put a Ding on my Credit Report. This led to an issue with a Transaction I was in. This caused a loss and I turned to Jeffrey to represent me in a lawsuit against them. He was great. He is a Piranha in representing you. He successfully brought the lawsuit to a successful conclusion for me. I would recommend him for any of your Law related issues."


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