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Our Credit Law Firm Represents You in California Courts

Supporting you in your credit repair litigation goes beyond consulting with you and filing paperwork. Lakeshore Law Center fully represents clients whose credit report concerns can be resolved in the California legal system. Our credit law firm is led by Jeffery Wilens, Esq. and Macy Wilens, Esq. a team of attorneys with more than 35 years of litigation experience combined. No matter what kind of help you need in court, we are here for you.

Negative marks on your credit report that have violated California’s Credit Reporting Law can be the subject of a lawsuit. Common examples include collections, late payments, liens, bankruptcies, and repossessions. Sometimes, you can call your creditor and collection agency to dispute or resolve the negative marks. However, if these organizations are either refusing to put anything in writing or just claim that they “can’t do anything” about those marks, you might be able to resolve the issue through a lawsuit. You just need an attorney with the knowledge and experience to represent you throughout the case.

Lakeshore Law Center is not a credit repair organization, and we don’t recommend that you go to one. Credit repair organizations often operate like mills, grinding through hundreds of cases without always providing results, let alone guaranteeing them. Instead, our credit law firm does have a Money-Back Guarantee when filing lawsuits under California’s Credit Reporting Law. Not only will we only take cases that have a path to success – so you are only charged if you can expect to win your lawsuit – but we will give your money back if the suit is lost.

Ask Us About Removing Negative marks from a Credit Report

Lakeshore Law Center is completely committed to removing negative marks from a credit report, and we won’t keep a dime unless we do. Jeffrey and his team won’t waste time with phone calls and letters. You deserve nothing less than complete legal representation, and you can expect our full support throughout your case.

If you are tired of the runaround from creditors and collections agencies, it is time to call or email Lakeshore Law Center. If you are ready to start the process of retaining our legal services click the button below.

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Disclaimer: Lakeshore Law Center is not a credit repair organization, nor do we claim to be. We are a law firm that files lawsuits under California’s Credit Reporting Law, and our services are intended to be an alternative option to a credit repair organization. Please contact us for more information. We do not guarantee a particular result. We guarantee to refund your money if a specified result is not achieved, but please read the legal services agreement carefully for exceptions to the Money-Back Guarantee.

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