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How Can a Credit Repair Lawyer Help You Protect Your Finances?

Negative items on your credit report can do more than lower your credit score. They can make it challenging to get a loan, rent an apartment, or even get a job. And if you try to dispute the information on your own, you might not be successful—that’s where a credit repair lawyer comes in. These professionals know the laws that protect your credit score and can help you remove negative items from your report.

Fixing Your Credit

A credit repair lawyer can help you fix your bad credit by:

  • Reviewing Your Credit Report for Errors. Generally speaking, a lawyer will begin by requesting all three of your credit reports from the major credit bureaus — Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. They will then analyze your reports for any inaccuracies or fraudulent activity. Your lawyer may find several items on your report that are inaccurate or incomplete and should be removed from your account. For example, they may find an outstanding debt that isn’t yours or a charge you paid off but never reported to the credit bureau.
  • Filing Credit Disputes with the Credit Bureaus. Your lawyer can file credit disputes with the credit bureaus on your behalf. In that capacity, they can help you reconstruct your credit report, taking any relevant facts or circumstances into account. If they find any inaccurate information on your report, the credit bureau will have to remove it. This can improve your credit score.
  • Negotiating With Creditors. Dealing with collection agencies can be a huge headache. If you are trying to manage your finances better but struggle with collection agencies, then it may be time to hire a credit repair lawyer. A credit repair lawyer will negotiate with your creditors and get your debts lowered or even eliminated. In addition, a credit repair lawyer can help you set up a budget and payment plan that you can stick to.
  • RepresentingYou in Court. One of the main reasons people hire a credit repair attorney is that they want someone in their corner who can represent them in court. If you face foreclosure or repossession, you need to have someone who can represent you in court. A credit repair attorney will help ensure that they protect your rights throughout the entire process.
  • Advising You How to Improve Your Score. Your credit repair lawyer can advise you on steps you can take to improve your score and help rebuild your credit history. These include things like paying down debt and making every payment on time.

We Can Help

A credit report reflects your financial history; a negative report can make it difficult to get loans, rent apartments, or even get a job. Your credit repair lawyer can help you protect your finances by removing negative marks from your credit report. Lakeshore Law Center guarantees better services or you get your money back. If you’re a resident of California in the communities of Yorba Linda, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, or Santa Ana, call us at (714) 854-7205 today to schedule an appointment.

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