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hOW Our California Credit Score Attorneys Help You

Did you receive a credit denial you don’t deserve? Are you stuck with having to pay high interest rates because of a low credit score? Are you tired of having inaccurate negative marks on your credit report? Have you exhausted your options for fixing bad credit, from disputing the debt to contacting the creditors and collections agencies? Whether you live in California or your collection agency is based in the state, Lakeshore Law Center can help you. When all else fails, our credit score attorneys help you in court to remove inaccurate negative marks.

Lakeshore Law Center is not a credit repair organization. Instead, our law firm prepares and files credit repair lawsuits on your behalf under California’s Credit Reporting Law. We file the lawsuit to remove the marks and continue prosecuting the creditors and collection agencies until those marks are removed. While the effect that removal will have on your credit score depends on numerous factors, our credit repair lawyers and our team guarantee that our lawsuits will provide favorable results – or you can have your money back. If you want the negative mark removed, our Money-Back Guarantee is the way to go.

Contact Our Credit Dispute Lawyers for Assistance

There is a reason why Lakeshore Law Center is an excellent resource for removing negative marks from your credit report. Our credit dispute lawyers, Jeffrey Wilens, Esq. and Macy Wilens, Esq., have more than 35 years’ combined experience with representing clients in California state and federal courts, so they know the ins and outs of the state’s Credit Reporting Law. Moreover, we won’t accept your credit repair lawsuit unless we are confident that we can help you – thereby taking any risk off of you and onto our firm. Between this approach and our Money-Back Guarantee, you can have confidence you are taking all reasonable steps to improve your credit report.

Do not wait to remove inaccurate negative marks from your credit report when our credit repair lawyers are only a phone call or email away. Contact Lakeshore Law Center now and try our guaranteed credit repair. If you are ready to start the process of retaining our legal services click the button below.

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Disclaimer: Lakeshore Law Center is not a credit repair organization, nor do we claim to be. We are a law firm that files lawsuits under California’s Credit Reporting Law, and our services are intended to be an alternative option to a credit repair organization. Please contact us for more information. We do not guarantee a particular result. We guarantee to refund your money if a specified result is not achieved, but please read the legal services agreement carefully for exceptions to the Money-Back Guarantee.

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