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The Benefits of Our Approach to California Credit Law

Credit repair is the process of addressing questionable negative entries on a credit report that could be hurting your credit profile. However, attempting to address these credit law problems on your own or through a credit repair organization might not provide satisfactory results. In contrast, Lakeshore Law Center is not a credit repair organization. We are a California law firm that guarantees favorable results or your money back.

Before you hire us, your options include disputing the debt with the creditor, collection agency, and credit bureau. If your creditors or the credit bureaus can’t verify that the questionable negative items on your credit report are fair and accurate, they are required to remove them. Disputing the debt may succeed for you, although for many people, only a lawsuit presented by a skilled attorney can permanently remove inaccurate negative remarks.

It might also be cheaper to pay off the old debt. But, paying it off will not necessarily remove it from your credit report. It may simply be updated to show “paid” collection account with any late payment history still visible. It is still a black mark on your credit.

Jeffrey Wilens, Esq. and Macy Wilens, Esq. are the attorneys that run the Lakeshore Law Center. When you hire Jeffrey or Macy to sue under California’s Credit Reporting Law on your behalf, they bring more than 35 years of experience in California law to your case. We fight to get the injunctive relief – that is, a court order – required to force the creditors and collection agencies to remove the negative information permanently.

Another advantage Lakeshore Law Center can offer is a Money-Back Guarantee. While we do not guarantee a particular result, we refund your legal fee if we do not “win” your case. In fact, we will not even take your case unless we have confidence we can win it, and there is no charge for this initial evaluation. A lawsuit will cost money, but with Lakeshore Law Center, you are paying for an attorney who can file a lawsuit to enforce your rights and who does so with a Money-Back Guarantee.

Finally, having Lakeshore Law Center file a lawsuit on your behalf can be a first step to repairing your credit. There are numerous variables that affect your credit score, so we cannot guarantee whether removing inaccurate negative marks will improve your credit score, by how much, or how long a positive change would take to accomplish. However, common sense suggests as long as your credit report contains inaccurate negative marks, you are going to be hurt. Let Jeffrey Wilens and Macy Wilens remove these marks so that you can be happy about your credit status.

Dispute, Fix and Raise Your Credit Score

The law entitles you to an accurate, fair, and substantiated credit profile. If your credit score is being lowered by questionable negative marks, you need a credit repair attorney filing a lawsuit by your side. Jeffrey Wilens, Esq., and his team at Lakeshore Law Center help you remove inaccurate, unfair, and unverified items that creditors and collection agencies might have put in your credit report.

If you are ready for a credit repair organization alternative, Jeffrey and Macy are ready to help you. Call or email Lakeshore Law Center now to find out how we can help you. If you are ready to start the process of retaining our legal services click the button below.

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Disclaimer: Lakeshore Law Center is not a credit repair organization, nor do we claim to be. We are a law firm that files lawsuits under California’s Credit Reporting Law, and our services are intended to be an alternative option to a credit repair organization. Please contact us for more information. We do not guarantee a particular result. We guarantee to refund your money if a specified result is not achieved, but please read the legal services agreement carefully for exceptions to the Money-Back Guarantee.

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